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5 Ways To ROCK Your Morning Routine

Hello Beautiful

Welcome back to our 3 part series on ROCKING your morning routine….

Now if you are single you this is just flows from the previous post  Which you can find here.

If you have children then this will include a routine to get everyone out of the house.

This the time to make a healthy breakfast that will hold everyone over until lunch.

Here is a great one my family loves on weekday mornings.

After you have made breakfast for everyone.

It is now time to help ease into the day.  Now I know it is so easy to just jump in with everything you need to do.

But your spouse and your kids need you in the morning.  The first 3 seconds in the morning really set the tone for the rest of the day.

When they wake up and come into the kitchen looking at you all sleepy eyed,  look at them tell them Good Morning and the give them a hug.  I know this sounds so simple and silly but when I started doing this with my kids it totally changed the way the morning went.  They listened to me better we connected again after the long night.

Now is the Time to eat and Pray with your kids.

Never let your kids or spouse leave the house….not that you won’t some morning or the world is going to end if don’t but it is a really good idea to get this habit.

When praying over your children speak life in to them.  Pray from the heart and Ask God for what you really want from God.  How you want the they day to go.  What they are doing that day.  Pray for their friends and their teachers.  Pray for the type of men and women you want them to grow up to be.  Have a target of where you want them to go.

The best thing to having a ROCKING morning is to plan it out the night before and ease into the morning.  When everything just flows it makes the day run more smooth.

Now I am not here to tell you that you will now how the perfect day and everything will be perfect in your life, but yes you will have  a better morning if you follow just a couple of these to make the morning a little better.

Remember you are the daughter of the Most High God.



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