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Helping Passionate Women
Find Lasting Love

New Sessions Start April 4th 2017

We will cover the secrets of attitude of the heart, beauty and exercise, how to attract a man, how to keep a man, how to plan your day and life really, what you should about money.  Why Dave Ramsey is bs.  There is a better way.  How to draw closer to God, what is God’s plan for you and God really wants to give you the desires of your heart

This is for women who know deep down inside that there is a different way and they want their life to be different they know God created them to do more and be more.  They want to learn more about what God wants to do their lives.  They want to find they love of their life but know that the normal Christian way.

Inspirational Bible Study: Book of Esther

FREE 10 Day Bible Study of the Book of Esther

We Start April 4th

10 days

It will be 10 days long and each will we discover the secrets God wants us to know about to become the Queen of our lives. Secrets of how to change your mindset, how to act to attract love into your life, how to handle conflict with your relationships, beauty and fasting working out, and so much more.

Joining in will help you discover and full fill that deep desire that God wants more in your life.  If you are wanting to find passion and fire in your life.  To have free  and high vibe life, you have always dreamed of. You know God wants you to have this. You can feel it.   Then you need to sign up today.

Bible Study is Free


I understand what it feels like to want to be married and not know how or when it is going to happen.  I know what it feels like to be rejected but know deep down that you were made for more and be more.  I have been divorced and rejected by the “good Christian” guy.  Where I have done all the right “Christian” Things only to find out that they didn’t work in my wild rebellion, don’t tell me what to do mind set.  I knew deep down that this wasn’t what God wanted for me.  He lead down a path of learning and discovering who I am I am how should act and how my mindset should be.  Who should I be dating.   He opened doors that I never knew would be open.  God brought me my husband now.  We are happily married now.  Now don’t get me wrong it did have it ups and down and I am still learning how to be the Queen of my life.  However when I was shown these simple secrets my eyes were opened up in ways I never knew possible.   So lets go down this journey together.

Inspirational Bible Study: Book of Esther

FREE 10 Day Bible Study of the Book of Esther