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Helping Passionate Women
Find Lasting Love

After your 30-day trial is over you will automatically roll onto a monthly plan $47 p/month to secure your discount. If you test drive The Royal Court Membership and decide it isn’t for you though – just let me know! I’ll be sad to see you go but you’re under no obligation to stay. There are no lock-in contracts in The Royal Court. Just give me three (3) days notice and I’ll cancel your membership.


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The Royal Court Membership!

The Mindset and Passion of Women Looking for Lasting Love.  For Women who want more of out life.

Who want it all.

The Husband

The Kids

The House.


You have always know what you want.

You are ready now.

For those women who know theres has to be a differnt way.

Looking for something a little bit different.

The thing is  you have always know.

This desire, this need, the deep urge with in your soul-

It’s like the beat of your heart is always beating for it.

The Ryoal Court Membership!

Where you will be provided support daily with mindset and strategys to help you find lasting love.

This is for Passionate Women who just more out of life.

More of What.


And who did I make this Memebership for?

My Beautiful Queen, if you are here and this is you?

I made it for YOU!

Let’s Get Real-

You want support.

You want strategy.

You want love.

But most of all?

You want to know how to dig into your soul and just be you.

How to be the awesome, passionate woman and find a man who will be drawn to you.

Be drawn to every part of you.

What know the good news? 

That is PRECISELY what I can help you to do, and just so you know…

It is SO much easier than you think.

It is SO much easier than you are making it out to be.

My Royal Court Membership is the program for passionate women and women who are serious about finding lasting love.  Who love coffee and chocolate.  If you know you could benefit from the daily support, wisdom and specific “how to” and well as “what to do” from a passionate, wise and slightly addiLtect to coffee, who has been when you are at.  From someone who has been out on the battle feilds of love and dating.  From someone who can save you time, effort and heartacke and help you find lasting love faster, then YES! This is the Memembership Program for you!

Straight Up: Do you want to find lasting, have the life you are dreaming of and more?  Then what are wating for beautiful?  Join my Royal Court Membership today and get ready to be FULLY committed to mindset AND the planning of making your every know passion and dream….not metion those you haven’t even DARED to own.

Let’s Get To It:

I have been there, I went through a divorce, I went throught the endless dates that don’t go anywhere.  The relationship I thought God brought us to together, all to my marriage today.  I have been there and back.


I know you can find incredible love, being who you are and create a life on your terms, but if you want it? You Have to be willling to TAKE IT.

But here’s the thing-

You have to be willing to go after what you want all the while still being in God’s plans.  Nothing is going to happen if you are not walking with God.

God wants you to live the life of your dreams and have everything your heart deires.

Your heart should be in line with God.

If You Are Ready?

I want to invite you to be a part of the most AWESOME memembership program around…a place where Passionate, Elegant women join together to dream big.  Make their lives HAPPEN.  Go all IN!

And have most fun time EVER!

So step up into who you are…

Join the Royal Court Memembership today, Say Yes to having the life of your dreams.

Now Beautiful Queen






The Royal Court Membership is $97/month for EVERYTHING listed on this sales page, and so much more.


Sign up for a trail membership TODAY ($7 for your first month) and you will get my online class for learning the secrets to ONLINE DATING, absolutely FREE (value $197)

Not only that – if you continue as a member, after your trial I’ll give you a discount on the full monthly fee…. FOR LIFE!  That means you’ll pay just $47 PER MONTH after your 30-day trial has ended!

FULL ACCESS … plus, if you don’t love it for any reason?

Any reason at all.

No obligation to stay.

I’m pretty SURE you are going to love it, we are talking the MOST Passionate women and ALL the content plus all the help you need!


After your 30-day trial is over you will automatically roll into a monthly plan $46/ per month to secure your discount.  If you test drive the Royal Court Memembershipand to decide it isn’t for you though….

~Just let me know!  I will be sad to see you go but you are under no obligation to stay.  There is no lock-in contract in the Royal Court.  Just give me three days notice and I’ll cancel your membership.

Plus you will get to keep my AWESOME bonus gift FOR LIFE!  Check out eh details below.



What are you waiting for?  I am pulling down this offer in a just a few days.  After that my bonus will be gone and when you sign up you’ll have to pay a $97/per month for your ongoing membership instead of the $47/per month.  (following your 30-day trial) when you SIGN UP NOW!

Let’s Talk Details, and what we will be covering…

~Lasting Love begins within:  If you don’t know how to think right, daily, to consciously create the life you want, you are very unlikely to GET IT.  

~You have the Power TO create what your heart desires:  but in order to do that you need to be continually committed to living AS the Queen who would already have it.  This takes inner work.  

~YOU HAVE to be willing to deal with your nonsense: You have to be willing to dig in and figure OUT your nonsense.  You have to know WHY you don’t have what you want now, what is holding your back. 

~You have to able to believe in yourself: You were CREATED FOR SO MUCH, you HAVE to be able to believe in yourself.  This is something you can learn. If I can teach you how to faith (and I can) then you can have the life you have dreaming of.  You can find lasting Love.

~Most of ALL, it takes being in alignment with God, with God’s purpose, staying on the path that is true and right for YOU.  This is the most important thing.  This is the GREATEST daily work.  The work of truing into God and being you.  Purpose, Passionate, and living the Life God created you for. 

The inner work is the real work, no question.  Everything you have right now and everything you have not yet been able to have in your life is the result of HOW YOU THINK and you know it to be true.

So in the Royal Court Membership, this is where our DEEPEST daily focus will be, as well as our deepest and most transformative work together.

But this mastermind is about having it all and in order to have it all?  You have got to the practical work as well, the work that COMES from building inner strengh.